1-2/8-2017 Radio recording @ Blå Jungfrun

Martin Borg and I visited Blå Jungfrun together with Helena Söderlundh producer at Naturmorgon brought to you by Sveriges Radio P1. We took the regular transport to the island and spent one night in the new shelters that were built last year. During the stay we made a full 360 around the island while Helena interviewed us. It was a beautiful late summer day and at night we saw the firebugs again just before we were hit by a few drops of rain. Loads of mosquitos and then a fantastic morning. New pictures in the archive and good material for the new book.
The radio program was sent the 28 of October 2017 in Sveriges Radio P1 – link: Naturmorgon 28/10-2017 med Blå Jungfrun

Below is a video showing the tour around the island.

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